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HiLine Associates is led by Tim Hay, a proven public procurement professional with over 20 years of public procurement experience and another six years of private procurement experience in a manufacturing environment. Tim is a Certified Professional Public Buyer from Universal Public Procurement Certification Council, a certified Yellow Belt for Lean Six Sigma and has experience in four professional areas:

State Government Procurement: Over the course of his career, Tim led many high-profile procurement's for the State of Oregon, including contracts for travel services and information technology. Tim created the first ever nationwide state airfare discount program and was named one of the top 25 most influential travel executives in 2013 by Business Travel News. Tim has a working knowledge of many state procurement processes and can help companies navigate the bureaucracy of state governments.

Private Sector Manufacturing Procurement: Tim was the purchasing supervisor for a global snowboard manufacturer. He was responsible for the majority of domestic and all international procurement. While there, he reduced inventory costs by re-engineering the supply chain, negotiating deeper discounts and automating procurement processes.

Cooperative Procurement: Recently, Tim was the cooperative development director for a large government purchasing cooperative with established contracts worth over $12 billion in annual spend. He oversaw the cooperative activities helping states successfully manage all phases of the procurement process. He managed over 40 sourcing teams made up of procurement professionals and subject matter experts representing all 50 states. He provided guidance and coaching to team members and managed projects to ensure timely and accurate completion. He also established many of the internal processes that supported the growth and success of the cooperative.

Small Business Owner: As the owner of a successful sideline business of a mobile music production company that existed for 25 years and employed three people, Tim understands customer service and what it takes to have satisfied clients.

Tim knows and understands both sides of the procurement process, buying and selling. His goal is to partner with customers to provide positive productive solutions.

Tim Hay Government Procurement Consultant

Tim Hay Government Procurement Consultant